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myHealthAdvisor empowers the average individual to have access to medical information that gives them the highest probability of success as a result of myHealthAdvisor's proprietary evaluation and ranking system.

While this information is publicly available, it is not readily accessible or analyzed in a way for non-medical personnel to easily interpret. It is often found in a variety of places, each with different ways of measuring and quantifying a successful outcome. Additionally, although there are numerous healthcare rating services and apps in the market, their ratings are not based upon quantitative quality measures for a specific procedure.

myHealthAdvisor ranks hospitals and physicians on their performance for a specific medical procedure using a quantitative and value-based algorithm. myHealthAdvisor gathers and sorts the data available and reports it to the consumer in a simple understandable format, providing patients with the necessary information to make knowledgeable choices.

Founder and CEO
William E. Younkes

"Two of my family members have been injured by medical errors. One error required a second, costly, procedure. As an entrepreneur, I recognized patients needed simple, effective tools for finding high-quality healthcare."

Bill Younkes is a private investor, entrepreneur, and the founder of Mentis Healthcare Partners, LLC. His current investments are focused on opportunities for improving the clinical quality of healthcare and reducing patient morbidity and complications at the most effective cost. This is accomplished through the building of a collaborative network serving all stakeholders, including patients, healthcare service providers and payers. His latest venture, myHealthAdvisor, is an information technology company empowering consumers to take responsibility for managing their healthcare effectively. He is also the founder and Chairman of the Coalition for Sepsis Survival, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the morbidity and mortality of sepsis.

Bill has over 30 years of healthcare industry experience including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, hospital services, and healthcare information technology. He has led the development of six companies as CEO, successfully raising over $150 million in investment capital.

Bill earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. His early professional experience included serving as General Manager for Baxter International's Drug Delivery business.

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